Welcome to The Neighborhood

Posted on April 1, 2013

One of the things I have always appreciated about living in the Midwest is the changing of the seasons. Whether it’s the first snowflake covering the colors of Fall under Winter’s white blanket or the smell of fresh cut grass signaling the official arrival of Spring, I find myself excited about the change unfolding all around.

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of starting a new blog for some time and realized the “season” was right for me to do just that. I have been blogging at A Journeyman’s Catalog for over 6yrs now and have enjoyed the experience but could sense that a change was coming. After spending lots of time sifting through ideas, designs, prayers, etc. I landed somewhere In The Neighborhood of Holy.

My hope is that this will be a place where we can casually explore faith + culture together in community as we search for the Holy. So often in our lives we are looking for that certain place and find ourselves not quite there, but we know we’re close. Holiness is more than a destination; it is a pursuit, a journey that often times has us somewhere in the vicinity, or neighborhood of Holy.  May we try to keep ourselves and each other as close to Holy as possible.

I hope you’ll consider joining the conversation. Welcome to the neighborhood!