Treasure Worth Following

This is Part 2 of a 4 Part series on Stewardship. 

There seems to be a clear connection between one’s heart and wallet. If this wasn’t the case, I’m guessing Jesus wouldn’t have talked about money more than anything else, with the exception of the Kingdom of God. We see this especially in Matthew 6:19-24 where he mentions the location of treasure and heart.

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a series entitled, The Lord of the Rings. The basic premise of this series was the pursuit of a powerful ring often referred to as “Precious.” Like the characters in these novels, we follow after things we consider precious, or treasure; often times we find ourselves following after treasure that leaves us disappointed and empty. It is these kinds of treasure that leave our hearts in places we’d rather not be, lost. Ask yourself this question, “Am I greedy?” I bet I can guess the answer…because it’s the same one I’m thinking as well. Greed has a way of blinding us to greed. This is how we end up following after degrees, paychecks, fame, that “trophy” spouse, that one relationship that will give us “meaning,” our kids being fluent in 4 languages by the time they are 3…”treasure” that isn’t worth it.

We follow after these things because we think they provide identity and stability and yet they never do. So, is there really any treasure out there worth following? Jesus suggests there is. The connection to the Kingdom of God through a relationship with Christ is really the only treasure worth following. It is this treasure that provides identity, security, and meaning. It is the only treasure that will truly last and the one by which all other precious things are defined. It is the only place our heart can be found and full.