The Verdict of Brokenness

Posted on July 14, 2013

Whether they were tears of disappointment, frustration, anger, or relief, the emotions surrounding the past year and a half since that tragic February 26th, 2012 night when George Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin reached a new level as the verdict was read yesterday. Of course, emotions will remain for years to come as many lives have been turned upside down through these unfortunate events.

Whatever your understanding of justice is, the events surrounding this case remind us of how broken we truly are. There are and never could be any winners through all of this. One family lost the life of a loved one while another family had their lives taken in a different way. This is a brokenness we all share and one our systems cannot fix. If we are relying on systems to define and deliver justice, we will find ourselves let down time and time again. Systems developed and managed by broken people will produce broken results.

It is only in the light of grace and holiness when we seek to be made whole that we experience justice for ourselves and others. When we use our positions of influence and privilege to change systems and empower the powerless, justice becomes a possibility. With grace as our judgment and a willingness to serve others, may we live in such a way that we not simply talk about issues of justice but seek to bring them about.