Thanks 2013!

I started something new for me last year. I decided at the end of 2012 to pick one word as a focal point in the new year and use it as a starting point to see what might happen. My word for 2013 was “create.” I prayed around this word, I looked for opportunities to create new things throughout the year which led to a couple exciting things…

The creation of this blog, In The Neighborhood of Holy, was the result of my word for 2013. I could sense it was time to create a new space for my writings to take on a new feel and direction. Thanks to you, this new blog has been a place for great conversations on a variety of topics. Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope you continue to do so even more in 2014.

Another really exciting thing that 2013 helped create were new Wesleyan-modeled small groups at church. I wrote more about these small groups for Seedbed (link) describing their purpose, model, and I’m excited to say, are still going today.

2013 also brought the process of putting together a transition plan and team to relaunch the Sunrise Campus as a separate church. The momentum and excitement about what God has been doing and continues to do through this journey of creating something new is tangible. A big part of this was the creation of some much needed crucial conversations.

This year also saw our daughter turn 1, our son turn 3, me being commissioned a Provisional Elder in the Indiana Conference of The UMC, our family selling our house and buying a new one 4mins down the road from the church…and that’s just a few of the things from 2013.

To say I’m excited about what 2014 has in store is somewhat of an understatement. I’m expecting God to show up in some pretty powerful ways, not exactly sure how, but I trust he will. I’ll be sharing my “word” for 2014 in the coming days and my hopes for how it might help me focus in this new year.

Until then, Happy New Year! I pray it is a year full of God’s grace and ways in which you extend that grace to others. I hope to see you around “The Neighborhood” even more in the coming year.