On The Move…

Posted on October 5, 2013

I am not one who over-spiritualizes things, it’s not my personality to do so but I thought I might share a couple ways God has clearly been showing up in our lives recently.

Many of you have read a recent post, “A Multi-Site Church Rethought,” talking about the campus I pastor relaunching as its own separate church (if not, you can read it here.) The decision to move forward in this direction prompted my wife and me to begin some serious conversation around selling our home in order to be closer to the church. We have lived in our current home for 7yrs and it has come to mean quite a bit to our young family so even just the conversations about selling it have been difficult.

Moving is a stressful thing. Add selling your home and trying to find the right fit for your family in the next one and it becomes overwhelming. Between open houses, negotiations, inspections, hours of driving around neighborhoods, daily internet searches looking at the same houses over and over, trying to figure out finances, paperwork, and on and on…It is stressful.

One of the clearest ways I have seen God affirm the decision to relaunch as a separate church has been through my family’s moving process. We ended up selling our home without listing it on the market for even a single day. Through casual conversation with a neighbor, her parents walked through and wrote an offer. Not just any offer but one that was for our anticipated asking price, in cash. We accepted. What!?!

Our home was built in 1920, though the inspector thought probably earlier. We were anticipating the inspection report and following negotiation to be scary, especially since we were doing this without a realtor. Not only was the inspection report not that bad, the buyers have been great to work with and submitted a very reasonable initial response. Oh, and our neighbor, their daughter, has her realtor’s license. What!?!

So, somewhat unexpectedly we found ourselves with the need to find a new home. We had already been looking for fun but hadn’t really come across anything we were really excited about. We live in an old house with all of the character that comes with an old house, the houses around the church, not so much. It’s not that they are bad in any way, just very different from what we’ve grown to know and like. After looking at a handful of houses and shortening our list to the point of almost needing to rent, we decided to make an offer on one about 5mins away from the church. We submitted our offer this past Thursday morning, by Thursday afternoon our offer was accepted with no counter. What!?!

My prayer throughout this entire process has been and will continue to be:

“God, make this transition and process so ridiculous that there is no other explanation than you are at work.” 

God seems to be doing just that and quickly making this a prayer for the other parts of my life and ministry. Thanks for letting me share.