Multi-Site Church Workshop: Session 4

Posted on July 30, 2013

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Session #4

Leadership Matters: The 8 Necessary Leaders of a Healthy Church

1. The Big Picture Leader: can see past the current church

2. The Startup Leader: ability to catch vision and rally troops; gets bored quickly

3. The Forward Motion Leader: knows how to get things done; logistics

4. The Team Builder: ability to develop groups; identify individuals for certain roles

5. The Bridge Builder: works through conflict in individuals and strives for reconciliation; moves sides to work together

6. The Critical Crossroads Leader: works through conflict in change; evaluates & navigates what is being felt/experienced; possesses discernment as a gift

7. The Cheerleader: gift of encouragement; positive attitude and feedback

8. The Pastoral Leader: provide care through empathy and sympathy