Multi-Site Church Workshop: Session 3

Posted on July 30, 2013

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Session #3

Top 10 Multi-Site Launch Mistakes

1. Selecting the wrong campus pastor. (S/he needs: character, competency, commitment, chemistry, calling)

2. Thinking the multi-site church is autonomous. (There is a natural tendency to develop a “us & them”)

3. Multi-site leaders stop learning and leading after the launch. (We must continue to challenge people to go further)

4. The multi-site campus expects the same ministry luxuries as the sending site. (The same things are not always available)

5. Ignoring the uniqueness of the mission field. (recognizing the identity of the campus community; ask questions; exegete the community)

6. Over-estimating the startup costs and under-estimating the operating costs.

7. Evangelism ceases after the public launch. (a multi-site campus 1-3yrs in needs 2 people to bring 1 convert, 3-5yrs needs 17 people to bring 1, 5-10 needs 72 people to bring 1)

8. The sending church is unprepared to lose dynamic volunteers.

9. Avoiding the natural emotions that occur in the launch life cycle.

10. Forgetting that multi-site ministry is a marathon not a sprint.