Multi-Site Church Workshop: Session 1

Posted on July 30, 2013

As I mentioned before, I spent the day at a multi-site church workshop. Here are some of my notes from the day.

Session #1

-5 million individuals are worshipping at an off-site campus.

-1/3 of multi-site campuses are video venue.

-There are more multi-site churches than megachurches.

-The average size church that launches a 2nd campus has an average of 860 in weekly worship.

-The average success rate of a new church start is 20%.

-The average success rate of a multi-site launch from a healthy church is 90%.

6 Models of Multi-Site

-The Video Venue model: sermon is a live-feed or recording of primary preacher.

-The Teaching Team model: speaker on main campus writes sermon for all other speakers that week; same theme/series on each site.

-The Restart/Takeover/Merger/Rescue model: clear focus is needed from the beginning; someone must have the final say; there must be a clear voice; the “old guard” cannot maintain control; hard conversations are needed & necessary.

-The Missional Campus model: asking lay people to “start” a church in their offices, homes, boats, etc.; inviting people to “do life together.”

-The Community Partnership model: partnering with a local business or organization which is beneficial for both; launching a new service each night of the week instead of launching a new site.

-The Virtual Campus model: entirely online and becoming increasingly popular.