More Than Finding

Posted on June 6, 2013

In the Gospel of Luke (15:1-7) Jesus tells a parable about a man who has a sheep that gets lost, leaves the rest of the flock, and goes out to find the one. He eventually finds the lost sheep he was looking for but it doesn’t stop there…he lifts the sheep up, and places it on his shoulders. I feel like this can be an easy part of the story for the Church to miss.

It certainly takes effort and work to find things that are lost but we must remember the work does not end there. It is one thing to find those who are lost, hurting, and broken but it cannot end there. We are called to shoulder the burdens of others and lift them up to a place where they can know and experience God’s grace. It takes more than finding, it takes lifting as well.

Is your church prepared to carry the burdens of others? Are you?