More Than Drops

I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing. (Ezekiel 34:26)

I don’t use the word blessings very often. It’s not that I don’t believe in blessings or that I haven’t been blessed in many ways, it’s just a word I don’t use. If I’m honest, the main reason I don’t use the word blessing(s) very often is because it feels spiritually loaded.

It is a word that many in the Church have overused and as a result under value. When everything that happens or we have becomes a blessing, than it seems that we have lost the ability to discern true blessings from God. And whether we realize it or not, when we use this “blessing” speech, we are also telling others that if they don’t have this or experience that, then they are not blessed. We focus more on the drops and miss the showers.

When I do think about what a blessing from God looks like, I can’t help but think about grace. This crazy, scandalous, unmerited favor that God extends to the least and lost, us. The blessing is not only this thing called grace but how God desires to shower it upon us. Even a drop of God’s grace is enough but he doesn’t stop there, he desires to flood our lives with it. Perhaps we should talk more about the blessing of God’s grace and find the meaning of the word and our lives there.

May you know the blessing of God’s grace and may you be a blessing as you extend it to others.