Luke 3: Voices in the Wilderness

the word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the wilderness. (Luke 3:2)

The “wilderness” is a powerful place throughout scripture. There are a number of significant things that happen there and come from there. We see an example of this in chapter 3 of Luke’s gospel where two important voices speak from the wilderness.

The wilderness can be a scary place, as well as a sacred place. Often times it is here where God speaks. Looking at this example out of Luke 3 it is important to note 2 things: 1) John is in the wilderness expecting to hear from God, and 2) God speaks first, only then does John become “a voice of one calling in the wilderness.”

God certainly speaks outside of the wilderness but often times the wilderness becomes a place where we can more easily hear his voice. John went into the wilderness seeking God’s voice and it was only after he heard it that he had something worth saying.

May we seek to hear God’s voice, even if that leads us into the wilderness, and trust that he will give us something worth saying.