Leaving Fear Behind

Change can be scary. Trying new things can be unsettling. Leaving the known for the unknown can cause quite a bit of anxiety. Fear can be a powerful motivator but if it keeps us from innovation and creativity, then it becomes a powerful master.

As conversations continue about the future of The United Methodist Church, words like “split,” and “schism” continue to pop-up with even more frequency. Some find the possibility of this to be a fearful thing, others fear the possibility of it not happening. Is it possible to leave fear behind as the catalyst and instead view this as an exciting possibility to create something new? Can we not move forward in an attempt to innovate the ministry of the Church with grace and respect?

Instead of seeing this as something ending, perhaps we could see this as an opportunity to start something new. This is not to ignore or downplay the hurt felt and caused over the decades but perhaps they are giving birth to something new. May we approach the future with grace, respect, and excitement, even if our pictures of the future look different.