Leading With Thanks

Posted on May 10, 2013

We all enjoy being appreciated, especially when that appreciation comes from a boss, supervisor, or leader. It makes us feel valued, gives a sense of accomplishment, and boosts confidence. When an individual knows she is appreciated, she feels as though she is doing her part for the team and in turn is more willing to keep the big picture in mind moving into the future. An individual who feels genuinely appreciated is more responsive to the leadership direction of the organization and the things being asked of him.

Have you considered the ways in which you demonstrate appreciation to those you lead? Is it possible that some of our leadership struggles are the result of failing to show appreciation? It’s not that we aren’t grateful, we just struggle to show it and communicate it beyond a general, “Thank You.” People want to be needed. Genuine appreciation let’s an individual know not only is he or she needed, but we as leaders are thankful for his or her presence, service, gifts, and commitment.

Making this a regular part of our leadership also helps to make the more challenging parts of leading slightly easier. People who know and trust that their leaders have genuine appreciation for them are also more open to hearing the feedback and critiques that otherwise might be perceived as adversarial.

Try it. You might be surprised what a handwritten ‘Thank You’ note might do for your leadership.