ITNOH Weekly Block Party

Posted on June 28, 2013

Throughout my week I listen to a lot of NPR. My favorite show of the entire week is the Friday News Roundup on The Diane Rehm Show. Each Friday Diane Rehm has a panel of guests that discuss the week’s news in two 1-hour segments, the first talking about domestic issues and the second discussing international news. I like the fast-paced conversation and variety of topics, which was the inspiration to start #ITNOH Weekly Block Party. Each Friday I’ll mention some thoughts on the week’s news or highlight things I found interesting and invite you to do the same. So, without further ado…

  • Paula Deen – News of racial slurs she used in the past has surfaced resulting in the loss of her Food Network spot, numerous sponsorships and endorsements, and forced her to publicly confess and apologize. Of course comments like hers are not appropriate or acceptable but how long should the past haunt? Grace does not negate consequences for actions and/or words, how does (should) it factor into this story?
  • DOMA – The Supreme Court struck down a provision within the Defense of Marriage Act which kept same-sex legally married couples from receiving the same federal benefits as heterosexual married couples. This ruling not only leaves it to the states to define marriage but creates equal benefits for gay marriages in states where it is legal. What will happen when a gay couple travels to one state to get married legally but lives in another state where gay marriage is not recognized? From a church perspective, we should probably just keep trying to love people, in whichever state we live.
  • NSA Leak – Edward Snowden shared with the world how the US National Security Agency has been secretly collecting information on lots of people within the US. Should this really surprise us? What if we could stop hiding from each other?

Your thoughts on these or other items from the week?