ITNOH Weekly Block Party 7.26.13

Posted on July 26, 2013

Each Friday I’ll mention some thoughts on the week’s news or highlight things I found interesting and invite you to do the same.

  • Coming Home or Homeless? – There has been a viral story going around about a new mega-church pastor that disguised himself as a homeless man on his first at his new church and not a single person in the congregation welcomed him. When the new pastor was introduced, the “homeless” man walked to the front from the back pew and chastised his new church. The pastor’s name is Jeremiah Steepek. Meredith Bennett-Smith’s (@MBennettSmitharticle in Huffington Post wonders if the whole story is real at all. Whether real or a real hoax, what do you think of something like this? How would you react if your new pastor did something like this?
  • Zimmerman Jurors – 2 of the 6 jurors from the Zimmerman trial have spoken out on national tv, both suggesting George Zimmerman got away with something. The other 4 jurors have released a joint statement saying they are not interesting in talking about this anymore. I have a hard time not seeing this as a play for fame, money, etc. on the part of these 2 outspoken jurors. Maybe I’m being too cynical. What do you think? Should something like this be left alone or the more information (opinions) the better?
  • Pope Francis and Idolatry – An article on First Things by Nathaniel Peters discusses Pope Francis’ Lumen Fidei and lack of using the word, “sin.” One of the quotes from it caught my attention. The pope notes a definition of idolatry taken from the rabbi of Kock: “Idolatry is ‘when a face addresses a face which is not a face.’” I liked the defining image of turning our faces toward something that is faceless as idolatry. My hangup is identifying whose face we should be facing. Clearly God’s face should draw and hold our attention but how often do the faces of others because idols as well?

Your thoughts on these or other items from the week?