ITNOH Weekly Block Party 7.12.13

Posted on July 12, 2013

Each Friday I’ll mention some thoughts on the week’s news or highlight things I found interesting and invite you to do the same. (Sorry I missed last week. Traveling over the holiday weekend put me behind on a couple of things.)

  • Asiana Flight 214 – Reports continue to come in regarding this tragedy and what went wrong. One of the issues may be an over-reliance on autopilot. I wrote more about that earlier in the week here
  • Indianapolis Gun Violence – Over the past 7 days there have been at least 12 different people shot in Indianapolis. Indianapolis Star reporter Michael Boren (@borenmc) reports that “someone has been shot, killed or found dead every day this week in Indianapolis. And in past seven days: 11 shot, 5 killed.” Gun violence has exploded over the past few months putting the city on track for one of its highest murder rates in recent history. We must figure out a way to not only deal with the violence but a better way to deal with each other. This must be the responsibility of all of us; parents, police, pastors, professionals, schools, businesses, etc. It cannot remain this easy to get a gun in someone’s hands.
  • Most Shared Bible Verses – The YouVersion Bible App has been around for 5 years now. They just recently passed 100 million installs and have shared some other really interesting infographics. Be on the lookout for an upcoming post on the Top Verses Shared, which could say some interesting things about how we interact with scripture.
  • “Holy Conferencing” – It’s a phrase we use often within United Methodism but do we really have any idea what it’s all about? Even if we did, are we any good at it? What does it mean to you? Kevin Watson gives us plenty to think about on this topic at his blog.

Your thoughts on these or other items from the week?