Hello 2014!

Posted on January 8, 2014

My first post of the new year means sharing my “word” for 2014. I started doing this last year and chose the word create to provide some focus for 2013. It led to some cool things which I wrote about in my last post. Well, it’s a new year and that means a new word…

This new word does not mean I stop looking for things to create but instead provide a new focus, direction, and set of goals. My word for 2014 is ENGAGE.

en·gage verb  \in-ˈgāj, en-\

: to hold the attention of

: to induce to participate

: to bring together

: to do or take part in something

I’ll write more about how I plan to engage more in 2014 in an upcoming post. I’m excited to discover what God has in store for you and me in this new year and look forward to engaging you as our stories intersect.