Fab 5


Remember the ‘Fab 5’ from a bygone era of University of Michigan basketball? Well, we just added our fifth to Team Lipan, giving us our own version of a ‘Fab 5.’


Cecil (pronounced see-sle) Bell Lipan was born at 4:08pm yesterday weighing 8lbs 1oz and measuring 21″ long. He was born via a scheduled cesarean section, which we were slightly bummed by because our first 2 kids were born the intended way but being breech, he didn’t leave us much choice.




Our first son, Theodore, was also breech but we did an external version and were able to successfully flip him. Our plan was to do the same with Cecil but our doctor was concerned the cord could become tangled around his neck, so c-section it was. This was a new experience for both my wife and me and much less traumatic than I expected…at least for me.

After gearing up and being escorted into the operating room, it was only about 10mins later that Cecil was on the warming table next to me. I watched parts but not all of the surgery and feel good about that decision. My wife was, and has been, a champ throughout. They are telling us to plan on being in the hospital for 3 days…we’ll see about that.

Everyone tells us that we’ll no longer be able to do “man-to-man” and need to “play zone defense” or use “cover 2.” Considering that my wife is not into sports, in the least, those are mostly lost on her. Regardless of the metaphor, it’s crazy that our 3rd child is here, both mom and baby are doing well, and we’ve got a 4 year old and 2 year old waiting for us at home. Long live the chaos!