Engaging the Conversation

There are millions of conversations happening, and have been for a number of years now, that a ridiculous number of churches are failing to engage in. These conversations are happening each and every day in and outside churches and yet the voice of so many churches is nowhere to be seen or heard. Facebook has over a BILLION active monthly users! Twitter has 284 MILLION active monthly users! Instagram has over 200 MILLION active monthly users!

Churches, where are you?

There are roughly 300k-350k churches in the U.S. I would guess that 85% of them have a church website. I would also guess that 50% of them aren’t actively using their websites (let alone any sort of social media account or presence) which means that roughly 150k churches are not engaging the conversations happening all around them.

I get that your church might be small old traditional not tech savvy resistant to change unsure on where to begin but that is no excuse not to begin. These conversations are happening, we as the Church MUST do our best to engage them. The “public square” has moved online and social media is the place to connect and be heard. The overall absence of the Church in these conversations is haunting. If the world really is our parish, then we must go where meaningful conversations are happening, even if that means we need to login to do so.