Crazy As Routine

Our daughter Sadie turns one year old next month. She has started walking, which means she gets into things much quicker than she did before. This is saying a lot because she is one fast crawler; basically a baby ninja. Add to the mix her almost-three-year-old brother Theodore and things stay active around the house.

My wife is a professor so the Fall becomes especially busy for us as a family. With both of us working outside the home, the Fall also means craziness becomes the routine. I don’t mind routine, in fact, I almost like it, but if you’re anything like us, crazy quickly becomes the routine. Between evening meetings, teaching night classes, small group, daycare, appointments, grocery shopping, mowing the yard, writing blog posts, etc. etc. etc., it can quickly become too much.

I have made it a goal of mine in this season of craziness to be intentional about finding “mini-Sabbaths” throughout the week. Make time to rest and connect with family. Stop to enjoy a cup of coffee. Go for a walk on a lunch break and connect with God. Have dinner at home, around an actual table, together. Let’s not allow the craziness of a new school year, work, or the stresses of daily life control our calendars at the expense of relationships with others and God. We don’t have to allow crazy to become our normal.

May we hear the voice of the One who calls us to stop, listen, and rest so we might not forget the things in life that truly matter.