Bronze Radio Return at Radio Radio

Posted on May 5, 2014

It was a Wednesday night and I was sitting on my back deck listening to a Spotify radio station. I honestly can’t remember the station or which artist the station was based upon but I had decided I needed to find some new tunes and Spotify would be my tool of choice in the moment.


It wasn’t far into the rotation when the song, “It’s OK Now” by Bronze Radio Return came on. The sound was intriguing and so I decided to checkout their album, Old Time Speaker (2009). As I was doing that, I found out they had more recent albums: Shake! Shake! Shake! (2011) and Up, On & Over (2013). I changed my plan and gave their newest work a listen to. 3 songs in, I was finding myself really enjoying the album and wanted to find out more about the band. Visiting their website and upcoming tour dates I saw they were playing Indianapolis a week later.

After a few texts back and forth, my buddy (@bhsmith1) and I decided it was a show we should check out and got tickets the next day. This would be a first for both of us, seeing Bronze Radio Return and seeing a show at Radio Radio. We were excited about both, and a tweet from the band sharing our excitement seemed to seal the deal for us.

I’ve heard about Radio Radio in the Fountain Square part of Indianapolis but never been. It is a great venue! Intimate, good sound, good feel, clean, and polite staff. It didn’t seem as though there was a bad seat in the place. Tickets were very reasonable. The music hadn’t even started yet and I was already impressed and looking for ways to come back.


The opening band, Hey Monea! was a pleasant surprise. High energy and good sound. It’s always fun when the opening band gets the crowd involved and is music you end up giving another listen to. They seemed like perfect tour-mates for Bronze Radio Return…at least what I had heard of them so far.

The headlining act came on and did not disappoint. Bronze Radio Return is made up of 6 members but their sound is so full, instrumentally as well as vocally, you would swear they found a way to squeeze more band members on stage with them. They had great energy, a great sound, and seemed to have a great time. The majority of the set was from their 2013 album and was really fun to hear live. It is clear these guys have a passion for music and were truly humbled and excited at the opportunity to share it with those of us there. The crowd involvement on, “Melting in My Icebox” made it my favorite song of the night. With roots solidly planted in a folk-rock foundation, unique vocals, and strong harmonies, they not only kept the crowd engaged but found themselves gaining a new fan.

Within a week’s time, I went from never hearing of Bronze Radio Return, to seeing them live, to looking for another opportunity to see them again, and hoping their newest release comes sooner rather than later.