Posted on July 9, 2013

The recent crash of Asiana Flight 214 has raised questions about the use of autopilot and when it is best used. Reports seem to suggest that on this particular flight, autopilot was disengaged at about 1,600 feet as it came in to land on Saturday. What role autopilot played in the tragedy that day is still unclear and most likely will be for some time.

Sometimes in life, we slip into autopilot and don’t even recognize it until it’s too late. We let our guard down, we allow ourselves to think we are “doing just fine” when in reality, that is not the case. Living in autopilot makes it difficult for us to recognize the warning signs that keep us from experiencing and causing pain.

So much of life is responding to the bumps and curves along the way. Don’t simply coast in autopilot, allow the grace of God to steer you in the right direction.