All In

This is Part 3 of a 4 Part series on Stewardship. 

The story of Elijah is one of God’s provision. Countless times throughout the prophet’s life God is providing in ways only God can. Whether it’s birds bringing him food, the kindness of a foreign widow or fire from heaven, Elijah never finds himself lacking anything under God’s care.

Not only does God provide for his prophet Elijah, but as we read in 1 Kings 17 we see that God also provides for a widow from Zarephath in the land of Sidon. What’s interesting about this is that God sends Elijah into enemy territory, about as far “outside” of the Jewish people as one could go and not only that, he tells Elijah to speak with a widow, who found herself on the outside of the “outsiders.” She felt so much on the outside she was ready to lay down and die, literally.

What happens next was not only a miracle for this desperate widow but for you and me as well, God demonstrates his provision for the “outsider!” We are never too far outside for God’s provision. We are never beyond the reach of God’s grace. God provides in order to pull us in, so that we might go back out and connect with the outsider.

I have found there to be an interesting relationship between obedience, provision, and stewardship. A significant part of stewardship is trusting God will provide. When we find ourselves being obedient to God’s leading, God provides (and more often than not abundantly), and we are given the opportunity to be stewards of that provision. May we be reminded of God’s provision for the “outsider,” which was all of us at one point, and look for ways to do the same.