After the Empty Tomb

Posted on April 3, 2013

We made it through the emotional roller coaster of Holy Week remembering Jesus’ betrayal, violent crucifixion, and miraculous resurrection, and sometimes find ourselves with a sort of post-Easter blues. The death and resurrection of Jesus are a big deal but now what? What does an empty tomb some 2000 years ago mean for us today?

The days after the empty tomb tell us…when dealing with the promises of God, death is never the end. There is much more to life than fearing death (not just physical death but death of our relationships, careers, reputations, faith, etc.), especially when the empty tomb reminds us that we can claim victory over death through Christ. We must be reminded of this as we try to “daily take up our cross and follow [him].” The disciples struggled, as do we sometimes, to see past death.

The days after the empty tomb tell us…Jesus will show up in the places we least expect. Even in his death Jesus was not where you would expect, in the tomb. The gospels tell us story after story of how Jesus was seen connecting with the people you would least expect. You know the ones, the lepers, tax collectors, harlots, demon possessed, “sinners.” How open are we to finding Jesus in unexpected places? Maybe a better question is, how willing are we to stay when we find him there?

The days after the empty tomb tell us…God is still in the business of creating. Regardless of how “dead” you feel in your sin, your faith, your situation, God is all about making things new. The empty tomb carries with it the powerful message that not only is God capable of making us new, He desires to make us new. This is a promise that walks with us day after day, some 2000 years later.