365: Vision | Loving.

Posted on October 9, 2014

365 days. 8,760 hours. 52 weeks. 12 months. All of these equal 1 year. Less than a year from now Sunrise, a campus of Castleton United Methodist Church, launches as a new, stand-alone United Methodist church. July 1 of 2015. This is the last post talking about Vision for this new church, you can read the first 2 parts of our vision here and here.

Living. Learning. Loving.
living life together learning to be like Christ so we might love like Christ


The emphasis of this new vision is on relationships. Relationships with each other (Living), with God (Learning), and our community (Loving). In 1 John 4:7-21 we read of the love God had for us even before we knew him, the love God has for us now, and how his love enables us to love others more deeply.

so we might love like Christ…

  • …is the fruit of a life transformed by Christ and growth as a disciple
    • we love because he loved us first
    • any and all love we express is the result of the love we have received from God
    • being filled with love as the way of becoming holy
    • it’s being infused w/love so that we might love God and love others
  • …is recognizing that loving through our own efforts is not enough
    • Christian love must equal more than simply good actions
    • love is distinct of and must precede any ‘action of love’
    • good deeds can be the result of many things other than love
  • …is the practice of incarnational living
    • pursuing holiness as we love all we meet
    • we must be present, genuine, accessible, available, humble, observant, opportunistic
    • living your faith even as you wrestle with it
    • putting yourself where people are
  • …is the way in which we invite our community into the story of God’s redeeming love
    • what is ‘good news’ for the unchurched and de-churched?
    • context, context, context…be in relationship with others so you might learn their context
    • the best way to share the good news is by sharing where your story intersects with God’s
    • the invite comes through love (ie. service, genuine relationships, etc.)

Listen online to the sermon where I unpack this part of the vision here

*If you have any questions about how this vision was formed or want to talk more about your own vision process, contact me.