July 30, 2013

Multi-Site Church Workshop: Session 5

Posted on July 30, 2013

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Session #5

 Conflicts, Jealousy and Other Multi-Site Deal Breakers

1. System failures (not knowing who is in charge; who connects to who)

2. Senior Pastor Rigamortis (staying in a rut; being afraid to try new things, make changes)

3. Campus Pastor Amnesia (forgets where s/he came from)

4. The 10% Rule (don’t share the final 10% of what s/he is thinking; don’t have “parking lot” meetings)

5. Campus Myopia (short-sightedness of campus pastor)

6. Personality Clashes (DISC assessment; understanding personality of leaders)

7.  Spiritual Deafness (failure to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit)

Multi-Site Church Workshop: Session 4

Posted on July 30, 2013

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Session #4

Leadership Matters: The 8 Necessary Leaders of a Healthy Church

1. The Big Picture Leader: can see past the current church

2. The Startup Leader: ability to catch vision and rally troops; gets bored quickly

3. The Forward Motion Leader: knows how to get things done; logistics

4. The Team Builder: ability to develop groups; identify individuals for certain roles

5. The Bridge Builder: works through conflict in individuals and strives for reconciliation; moves sides to work together

6. The Critical Crossroads Leader: works through conflict in change; evaluates & navigates what is being felt/experienced; possesses discernment as a gift

7. The Cheerleader: gift of encouragement; positive attitude and feedback

8. The Pastoral Leader: provide care through empathy and sympathy

Multi-Site Church Workshop: Session 1

Posted on July 30, 2013

As I mentioned before, I spent the day at a multi-site church workshop. Here are some of my notes from the day.

Session #1

-5 million individuals are worshipping at an off-site campus.

-1/3 of multi-site campuses are video venue.

-There are more multi-site churches than megachurches.

-The average size church that launches a 2nd campus has an average of 860 in weekly worship.

-The average success rate of a new church start is 20%.

-The average success rate of a multi-site launch from a healthy church is 90%.

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