Why Evil

Posted on April 16, 2013

The events of yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing serve as a tragic reminder of the presence of evil. Events like this bring the questions of why evil exists in this world and where is God in the midst of it to the forefront.

I have no doubt that God was not only present, but the first one to shed a tear as the bombs ripped through the crowd yesterday. I reject the notion that God caused this tragedy, or others like it, in order to carry out his plans or as some form of punishment. Instead, I hold to the belief that God mourns with those who are hurting and is able to bring good out of evil. That is God’s plan. Did God need these bombs to accomplish some greater good, no. Do I believe he will use them to bring good out of chaos, yes. Like God spoke into nothingness to bring about creation, he works within the chaos to bring about a plan for good.

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