Thanks 2013!

I started something new for me last year. I decided at the end of 2012 to pick one word as a focal point in the new year and use it as a starting point to see what might happen. My word for 2013 was “create.” I prayed around this word, I looked for opportunities to create new things throughout the year which led to a couple exciting things…

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Grateful Payback

This is Part 4 of a 4 Part series on Stewardship. 

 There was a [wee little] man by the name of Zacchaeus we read about in Luke’s gospel (19:1-10) that was a tax collector for the Roman government. One of the things this meant was collecting taxes from the Jewish people, which he was one of. This did not make him well liked amongst his own people, as a matter of fact, he was pretty well hated. It was this guy who climbed a tree in order to see Jesus over the crowds.

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All In

This is Part 3 of a 4 Part series on Stewardship. 

The story of Elijah is one of God’s provision. Countless times throughout the prophet’s life God is providing in ways only God can. Whether it’s birds bringing him food, the kindness of a foreign widow or fire from heaven, Elijah never finds himself lacking anything under God’s care.

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The Joy of Giving

This is Part 1 of a 4 Part series on Stewardship. 

We’ve all heard it before but the question is, do we believe it? Do we really think it’s better to give than receive? Much of our culture (and our own lives) would suggest we don’t. Why is that? In those rare moments when I choose to give over receive, the joy actually seems greater and yet somehow it remains a struggle.

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The Choice to Inspire

In a recent interview on NPR (which was pretty interesting by the way), pop-singer Katy Perry mentioned how she would rather be seen as an inspiration than a role model. She says, “A lot of people see me as a role model but I like to kind of turn that around and say, “I appreciate that but I’d like to be seen as an inspiration because a role model I think will fail ya.” I couldn’t tell kids when it’s time to try things or do things, that’s not my role.” This makes me wonder about the difference between being an inspiration or being a role model and if the choice is really as easy as Katy Perry suggests.

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New Tunes

While in the midst of home inspections, building a Transition Team, and writing sermons I’d thought I’d share with you some new music I’ve been listening to this past week. All three of these albums were released earlier this week and I would recommend giving them a spin as each of these bands have been, or are becoming, a few of my favorites.

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On The Move…

Posted on October 5, 2013

I am not one who over-spiritualizes things, it’s not my personality to do so but I thought I might share a couple ways God has clearly been showing up in our lives recently.

Many of you have read a recent post, “A Multi-Site Church Rethought,” talking about the campus I pastor relaunching as its own separate church (if not, you can read it here.) The decision to move forward in this direction prompted my wife and me to begin some serious conversation around selling our home in order to be closer to the church. We have lived in our current home for 7yrs and it has come to mean quite a bit to our young family so even just the conversations about selling it have been difficult.

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